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All roads lead to us

O Deck is located on deck n°2 of the barge Nantilus, on the river Loire, alongside of ile de Nantes, in the Parc des Chantiers...   next to the famous Yellow Titan crane, the Grand Elephant of Machines de l'ile and the Carrousel des Mondes Marins ...  

GPS coordinates  : +47°12"23.43" 1°34"6.61"  


All roads leads to O Deck... discover all the original and convenient ways to get to the Nantilus... this ice cream is waiting for your  !...

Restaurant avec vue sur la Loireà Nantes
Restaurant sur la Loire à Nantes


The smart plan - 2 minutes

Drop-off in the dead end of  Rue René Siegfried (access by the 76 boulevard de la prairie aux ducs) 

Here you will find  around 20 parking spaces and O Deck is just straight towards the river Loire, behind the Carrousel des Mondes Marins. Taxis have an access card to drop you just in front of the restaurant.


By Bicloo bicycle - 3  minutes

30 bikes - Station n°43 - Machines de l'Ile - 3, bd Léon Bureau - 

The greenest way to get to us!...


Parking & Safari - 5  minutes

Machines Car Park - 621 spaces - 10, Rue Arthur III - 

The widest car park, the closest and most convenient to come to O Deck. If you run into an elephant, do not panic, everything is under control, it  lives here ...


Eastwind - 7  minutes

Car Park Banana Shed

If you park in Hangar à Bananes, a beautiful walk alongside the work of art Anneaux de Buren is waiting for you: 1, 2, 3, 4... 18 rings and  you already arrived at Nantilus  !... 


A streetcar named desire - 8  minutes

Line 1 - Stop Chantiers Navals - 

It is a pleasure to get rid of your vehicle. The tram drops you just next to the bridge Anne de Bretagne, as soon as you get out,  you will see the Nantilus and its famous funnel, a quick walk later, you are here, comfortable, facing the river and the city.


Riverside walk - 10  minutes

Gloriette 2 Car Park - 108 spaces

Leave your car here, close to the town center, and cross the Victor Schoelcher footbridge, just in front of the Palais de justice. On the left side of the river, follow a very delightful pedestrian path.

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